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About forty years ago I began writing an epic adventure story for my children. The story has grown over the years. One part of the story, in fact, has grown into its own long tale, Mage.


Mage takes place on a remote island in the wild sea. A few people there have “powers,” such as the ability to dream what will happen in the immediate future or the ability to assume the form of an animal. When we first meet Mage, she is a young girl. The island, founded by her great-grandfather, has fallen upon hard times. The inhabitants cling to the hope provided by a prophecy: they will be saved by someone riding a red horse. As the story begins, some people have given up waiting and choose to board ships leaving the island forever. But Mage and her grandmother, Noreen, have both hope and pluck—and perhaps a destiny beyond what they can imagine.


This is a story about leadership, hope, and the strength of women in the face of injustice and intimidation. I have spent many hours working on the characters, their interactions, and the history and geography of this magical island. But whenever I think I’ll have an extended time to work on it, other paid-work deadlines keep pushing it aside.


To keep me from postponing this story any longer, my friend Doug Lipman suggested that I make this into a paying project with a deadline, too. And he suggested that you and I might make this be mutually rewarding!




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