Forged in the Stars

In 2008, NASA commissioned storyteller Jay O’Callahan to write a story to celebrate the national space agency’s 50th anniversary. O’Callahan’s work is the result of almost two years of research, including interviews with astronauts, engineers and many NASA employees. O’Callahan’s resulting work, entitled Forged in the Stars, features the stories of three prominent NASA personalities.


Excerpt from Forged in the Stars, featuring the story about JC High Eagle, a Cherokee, Osage, who had a vision when he was a little boy showing him he'd help people land on the moon. Later in life, JC High Eagle becomes an engineer at NASA.



Scene from Forged in the Stars, featuring the story of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's landing on the moon.



Another clip of Jay's story Forged in the Stars. You may also view this clip at: